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      Here's Bastien from Forte Dee Why performing Pharrell William's HAPPY. Bastien was chosen from many talented students to perform in Budding Virtuosity - Forte's celebration of 20 years of Music Education.



      Guess how old this little boy is NOW!

      Coming soon. Fourteen year old Fraser plays Gershwin's insanely difficult arrangement of "I've got Rhythm".

      Fraser started in Jungle Music as a six month old baby and progressed through the Forte Courses. There have been challenges along the way like when at 6 when Fraser realised practice may become part of his life ongoing was going to be a bit of a drag.

      We got through this challange and many more along the way including weeks on end where very little practice happened but he was keeping up with the class.

      Far from being a whizz kid, Fraser's journey is truely an example that in 'staying the course' over a long period of time produces amazing results.

      Today, like all Forte students who stay the course, Fraser memorises easily, sight reads well, has a great ear, can play jazz equally as well as classical though he prefers jazz!

      At 9 yrs old, Fraser picked up trumpet with ease and eventhough he did little practice in the early years he steadily progressed. He auditioned for and was accepted into Queensland Youth Orchestras Wind Ensemble in 2013 as one of the yongest members and then again 2014. IN 2015 he won a place in Qld Youth Orchestra Wind Symphony where again he will be amongst the youngest players.

      On the piano front Fraser is enjoying learning the Liszt arrangement of Schumann's Dedication listening to his favourite recording of Evengy Kissen as a guide. 

      Fraser is a normal kid, plays volleyball and has represented his school in gymnastics (a new found interest), hangs out with has best mate Kris, keeps in contact with friends like all teens seem to do these days on skype/txt and a enjoys a good game of Call of Duty. 


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