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Video - Junior Keys

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      Learn to play guitar, learn piano, learn to sing, baby music, music for kids, teens, adults, we do it all at Forte School of Music. 

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      Guess how old this little boy is NOW!

      Coming soon. Fourteen year old Fraser plays Gershwin's insanely difficult arrangement of "I've got Rhythm".

      Fraser started in Jungle Music as a 6 month old baby and progressed through all of the Forte Courses. He achieved an A for his AMEB Grade 6 in 2013.

      Like all Forte students Fraser memorises easily, sight reads well, has a great ear, can play Jazz equally as well as classical though he prefers jazz!

      Fraser picked up trumpet with ease and plays with Qld Youth Orchestra Wind Ensemble. 



      Here's a peek into a real live Jungle Music class at Forte Dee Why!